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          China Gold Supplier for China Allsparkpower Solar Power Supply 48V 100ah Replace Diesel Generator 3.5kwh -30kwh Available Energy Storage Plug and Play Intergrated Home Solar Power System

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          Operation Instruction

          (1)Connect the 6mcable to solar panel thenconnect four pieces of lamp wires to the four charging jacks and last install the solar panel according to the local angle of sun's rays to charge the light kit; Please keep the sunlight vertical to the solar panel as long as pOsible.

          (2)Three lighting options, first pressing switch:3.7V/1W, second one: 3.7V/2W, third one: 3.7V/3W, Forth one: Off

          (3)The power indicator light is always ON mode (green or red),IfOFF, that means power off o r no power; If no power, please recharge the lamp timely.

          (4)The two liaht kits can be controlled by one remote control. For initial using the remote control, please PULL OFF the diaphragm switch, namely the plastic sheet from the remote control. And control the lamps in proper position. Note: please keep the REMOTE CONTROL carefully after using.

          (5)Please remove 8IN1 Multifunction phone adapter while lighting. The kit may not light, for the output voltage of battery is lower than 3.7V.


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